JUDI-ARCH project profits not only from consultations with the Advisory Board, but also from international cooperation with other experts. These experts' contribution consists mainly in submitting a report on the basis of a questionnaire sent to them by the JUDI-ARCH research team. These other experts are:

  • Matej Avbelj
  • Eva Brems
  • Başak Çali
  • Betül Durmuş
  • Christoph Krenn
  • Elaine Mak
  • Patrick O’Brien
  • Davide Paris
  • Mikael Rask Madsen
  • Bianca Selejan-Gutan
  • Anna Śledzińska-Simon
  • Aida Torres Pérez
  • Markus Vašek
  • Antoine Vauchez
  • Fabian Wittreck

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