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Activities under the European Constitutional Law and Politics project

Colloquium European Constitutional Law and Politics

The key deliverable within the project was the subject “Colloquium - European Constitutional Law and Politics.” During the course of the subject, some top foreign researchers in the fields of constitutional law, European law, political science and sociology have visited the Law School. The invited speakers their current research both to students and to other guests (mostly experts from related fields, including judges of the Constitutional Court). Among others, Damian Chalmers (London School of Economics), Gabriela Hálmai (European University Institute), David Paris (Heidelberg Max Planck Institute), or Paul Blokker (Charles University), can be mentioned. Besides that, a number of Czech or Slovak scholars from both foreign (Jan Komárek, Barbora Havelková) and local universities (Robert Zbíral, Zuzana Vikarska), have expressed their views on questions concerning the relationship between European law and Czech constitutional law or, more generally, the problems of the "European people" and more).

Compendium of European Constitutional Law

Within the framework of the project, the David Kosař, Ladislav Vyhnánek and Filip Křepelka have compiled and published a textbook called "Compendium of European Constitutional Law". This textbook is primarily a compilation of key texts that illustrates the Czech debate concerning the relationship between EU law and Czech constitutional law in the last 15 years. Students and other interested parties can get acquainted with the edited versions of the most important contributions of Czech legal academics and with the most important judgments of the Constitutional Court.

Although the compendium is intended primarily as a learning tool for law students, it is not a classical textbook. While textbooks are usually based on the idea that students should be presented, if possible, with clear answers to the basic questions of the field studied, this compendium is rather the opposite.

Even though there undoubtedly is a doctrine on the relationship between EU law and the law of its own Member States, it would be a mistake to regard it as clear and settled. On the contrary – many fascinating questions concerning the relationship between EU law and the constitutional systems of individual states are still waiting to be answered. We do not know whether someone will find those final and indisputable answers will and we are quite skeptical in this regard. That is why we offer our students and other readers the opportunity to partake in the process of searching for these answers, even if only in the Czech context, and thus offer them the opportunity to take their own opinion on the basis of studying relevant and polemical texts.


A discussion with Judges of the Constitutional Court

During the informal mid-term seminar in Šlapanice u Brna (May 5 - 8, 2017) we held a debate on the current issues of the European and constitutional law relationship with three judges of the Constitutional Court - Jan Filip, Kateřina Šimáčková and Vojtěch Šimíček. Other judges of the Constitutional Court (in particular Ludvík David and Jiří Zemánek) continued to participate in the European Constitutional Law and Politics colloquium. Yet another debate with Judge Vojtech Šimíček was held on 30 June 2017.

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